PRESS RELEASE: World Sight Day, 10 October 2019 – Putting Vision First

The European Coalition for Vision urges everyone in Europe to celebrate World Sight Day and put their Vision First! Regular eye examinations by a registered eye health professional (ophthalmologist, optometrist or optician) are vital for maintaining good sight and for revealing serious health issues.   

 There are over 30 million blind and partially sighted people Europe and 1 in 30 Europeans will experience sight loss. That’s about one in your school class. As the risks of blindness and visual impairment increase with age, 1 in 3 Europeans over 65 years old will face serious sight loss – a tenfold increase in risk. [1]

 Many serious eye disease such as glaucoma and macular degeneration or diabetic eye disease, are preventable or treatable if identified early. Yet eye diseases are silent thieves of sight – by the time you notice, it is often too late. 

 Don’t fall for avoidable sight loss

 The best way of spotting eye diseases early and avoiding visual impairment and blindness is an eye examination – usually funded or subsidised by your health insurance or national health or insurance system.

 Eye tests should be taken at appropriate intervals as advised by a registered eye health professional.

It will also help your vision if you give up smoking, have a healthy diet and exercise. 

Children should spend as much time as possible outsight in daylight but protect their eyes with sun hats, visors or good sunglasses if the sun is bright.    

Book an eye test now

 If you have not been for two years, book an appointment today by phone or email. Do not risk your sight. Put your and your family’s Vision First.

 About the European Coalition for Vision

The European Coalition for Vision is an alliance of professional bodies, patient groups, European NGOs, disabled people's organisations, associations representing suppliers and research groups:  We raise the profile of eye health and vision, help prevent avoidable visual impairment and secure an equal and inclusive society for those with irreversible blindness or low vision in Europe. The

Vision Atlas summary tells you more about the prevalence of eye health in your European country.

[1] Statistics courtesy of ECV member the European Blind Union